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The Rummy Room brings an equivalent game online that was previously limited to a gaggle of family and friends. We provide a digital avatar of Rummy on a safe and secure platform with fast game play. We ensure safe transactions and cling to top-notch standards of game play. This is reason why we are the Fastest growing Rummy website in india. We bring youtube channel for you in multiple languages to let you know, how Rummy Room works.

Rummy Room is the ultimate platform to play Indian Rummy card games online. This makes us fastest growing website in India. With a high quality interface that features the latest security features, we make sure that your gaming experience in Rummy is entertaining and, at the same time, convenient. We offer regular Rummy with different variant like Pool Rummy, Deal Rummy, Point Rummy and Tournaments, where players can win big cash prizes.


In contrast, you score points, play with one hand, and enjoy exciting rewards. Improve your kills and play fast games on the go.


In this exception, you play at a predetermined number of deals with players playing chips. The winner receives the chips at the end of the contract. You can play 2, 3, 4 and 6 deals.


Want to prove you're a pro rummy player? Choose from a variety of 101 or 201 in the pool and take part in the challenging rummy game.

So, come and be a part of this great community, playing Rummy card games all over India.

Security is the USP of our Online Gaming Platform. We are committed to provide our players with the highest level of safety while they are on our platform. The most important thing in the card game is fair play. We ensure fair gaming practices. We have a Random Number Generator based on RNG logic. This lab ensures that the shuffle of cards is automated and there is no repetition. We also ensure anti-fraud and collision detection tools for ensuring that the game you pick is never compromised.


The online rummy game has thousands of players using the platform at the same time. We adhere to Fair Play Gaming Policies that keep any kind of collision and fraud in check. This implies that each player using our platform has a fair opportunity to win the game.


The Rummy Room encourages all the players using its platform to play responsibility. We allow the players to set their monthly playing limits which can be modified at any time.


The players can send a mail to [email protected] with the turnaround time being three hours.


We offer Numerous Payment options to the players including debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and eWallets.


Each player registered on our portal is KYC verified. We have strict limitations about the minimum age of players. Nobody under the age of 18 can register with us. All communications are sent only to the registered phone number and email.

Online Rummy is a simple card game to play and it’s easy to learn too. Indian rummy can be played both on 2 player tables or 6 player tables. It is a Game of Skill the half battle won when you learn the basics of the game. If you're trying to find a reliable and safe platform to find out the way to play and learn rummy card games then you're at the right place.

These are the guidelines for you to follow after which you not only will learn how to play rummy games but also become an expert in this game.


Rummy is a simple card game that is played with two or more players. It requires 2 decks of cards if the number of players exceeds five. First player at a table arranges the cards which are dealt into predefined combinations and submits the melded cards. Your primary aim is to be the first players as the rest of the players accumulate points based on the cards in their hands. The player who has the least number of points at the end of a game wins the game.


Thirteen ranks of each of the four suits and additional 2 jokers are included in 52 cards deck. four card suits are: clubs (♣), diamonds (♦), hearts (♥) and spades (♠) cards in each suit are ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, jack, queen, and king. here face cards are jack, queen and king are and ace can be used either as 1 or as a face card when making the sequences. joker: jokers act as a replacement or substitute for any card in melding sets or sequences. points associated with cards: face cards – 10 points are associated with each face card and the rest of the cards have points according to the number printed. no points are associated with printed jokers or wild jokers.

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You can play online games without any fear. The popularity of this game is soaring day by day. One of the biggest reasons for it is that these are games of skill. As per the Supreme Court of India, games of skill such as rummy and poker are 100% legal to play in our country.


You can play Rummy for cash and it is entirely legal in India. As they are games of skill, it doesn’t fall under gambling. There is no element of luck involved and this is why the online rummy are considered legal as per the Supreme Court of India.


The principal punishment relating to the regulation of games or gambling in India is the Public Gambling Act, 1867 (“PGA”). However, as the Indian Constitution authorizes countries to legislate on gaming and gambling, there are many provinces that have announced their own laws affecting the provision of gaming and gambling services in these provinces.

The PGA has committed a criminal act of ‘gambling’ at a public forum in India and the maintenance of a ‘normal playhouse’. The PGA, however, made significant releases in the skills game from the PGA ambassador. This treatment of gambling and liberation in the arts is reflected in other state institutions.

The Supreme Court of India in one of its landmark decisions in 1996 stated:

“Competition that relies heavily on skill does not play. Gaming is an act or practice of gambling in a game of chance. It is placed in a position where opportunity is the controlling factor. So gambling with two actions can mean betting or betting on lucky games. ”


The PGA distinguishes between betting on “game of chance” and focusing on “game of skill” by explicitly exchanging “skill games” in its gambling penalization arrangements. Many state gambling laws are in line with the PGA, with the same games released where the result is largely based on skill. It can therefore be concluded that Indian law generally distinguishes between skill games and risk games and stipulates a strict prohibition on participation and the provision of games of chance to the poles, while replacing them with good matches. In this regard, it can be noted that the Supreme Court of India in one of its judgments in 1996 concluded that “games involving‘ strong or opposition ’will be‘ games of mere ability ’”.

In addition, the West Bengal Gambling and Prize Competition Act, 1957, clearly does not include a bridge, poker, rummy, and nap in the definition of gaming or gambling.

Therefore, by placing confidence in the release of the game of Poker and Rummy in the definition of gambling in West Bengal and the decisions of the Supreme Court of India, it can be concluded that playing poker and other similar cards based on card skills with legal forms of consideration is permitted due to the outstanding skill involved in these games.


It can be noted that the state laws of Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, Telangana, Assam, and Odisha do not allow you to play 'skill games' for money ("Excluded States").

If any user residing in excluded countries is found to be participating in any Real Money games on the Platform or subscribes by providing false information, User will only be liable in that case and the Company reserves the right to terminate the User Account without additional information and refunds and / or block or what unspent funds have been deposited into the User account. In the event of such a breach, the Company also reserves the right to forfeit any winnings or Bonus Rates as may be the case. A Company or Platform operated by the Company shall not be liable for any breach of user rules.

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Download game and play responsibly, this involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive.